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Monday, August 4th, 2008
4:03 pm
Tour Dates!
Matt's going to be opening for Joan Osborne on her upcoming tour. Tour dates are now listed on his myspace... but to save you all the trouble of looking....

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Sunday, June 15th, 2008
10:34 am
Matt (or his assistant/etc) posted this in a bulletin on myspace.

In conjunction with their coverage of Bonnaroo, Spinner.com has decided to offer - for one day only - a free download of Matt's new song, "Don't You Dare".

This very special opportunity will give you the chance to hear "Don't You Dare" any time you want, anywhere you take your music!

Don't miss it! You can download the song only at Spinner, and only today June 15!

Click here to go straight to the download page:


Spread the word! Tell your friends about this amazing free download!!

The Matt Pack

(Note: Follow the instructions for "Download Help" if you have trouble downloading. We found we had to right-click in both Mac and PC formats to download the song.)
Thursday, January 17th, 2008
11:04 pm
LJ feed
I got inspired by the last post in here to try making an LJ feed for Matt's revamped site. So check out mattmorrisnet to bring Matt updates right onto your flist!
Tuesday, January 15th, 2008
4:34 pm
Video Posts by Matt
A very intimate emotional video of Matt talking about where he's at right now with recording. I so love him.

Another video post by Matt.

Another video of Matt while they are laying down the horn section in the studio. You can hear Justin in the background too.
Thursday, November 15th, 2007
11:52 pm
Wednesday, November 7th, 2007
10:34 pm

Recording a new version of "Betting Man" from for his upcoming album.

*fingers crossed* we'll get some new music soon!
Thursday, June 21st, 2007
4:52 pm
Justin talks about Matt on Tennman Records
From a Q&A with Justin on EW:

Have you signed any other artists?
The second act that I've signed is a good friend of mine, his name is Matt Morris, and he's actually a co-writer with me. He's kind of like Ray LaMontagne meets Elton John meets Stevie Wonder meets Rufus Wainwright. With digital downloading, now more than ever it's time for the birth of the hybrid artist. I'm anxious to create an artist that all the press has trouble labeling. To me, there's two kinds of music: There's good music and there's bad music. So what we're going to do is try to stay away from the latter. [laughs]

When have you worked with Matt in the past?
There's one song that he co-wrote with me on FutureSex/LoveSounds. It's the last song on the record. He's written songs for Christina Aguilera, he's written songs for Kelly Clarkson. He's an amazing pop songwriter. But he also has this folk side to him that fits in for his own voice, and that's how I hope to introduce him to the world. I'm actually looking forward to, after this initial press break, not talking about the label so much and just getting the music out of the artists — so people invest in the artists and not the fact that it's our label. I mean, a label's a label, but if you don't have talent, you don't have good songs, it really doesn't mean s---.


Awesome that Justin's going to help put Matt's music out - but no mention of MMC, I notice...
Tuesday, March 20th, 2007
11:30 pm
Justin, Reba, and Matt, oh my
From here: http://www.tennessean.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2007703200344

Justin and Reba make beautiful music together


There was a mutual admiration society Saturday at Starstruck Studios when Justin Timberlake sang with Reba McEntire on the song he co-wrote for her upcoming duets album.

"I think everybody will be surprised by the song we did," says producer Tony Brown. "I know Reba and I were surprised when he pitched us the song in Los Angeles."

Justin penned "The Only Promise that Remains" with good friend Matt Morris, our own phenomenally talented singer/songwriter (Christina Aguilera has cut his stuff) who is the son of country crooner Gary Morris. Brown describes it as a Celtic love song.

"It was all very organic, with a dobro and fiddle, upright bass and two acoustic guitars," he says. "It was a really beautiful folk song."

Thanks to ilovethebooti at just_justin for the link. I can't wait to hear this song!
Monday, January 22nd, 2007
12:33 pm
MySpace page
For those of you with MySpace, Matt has his own page now. Here's the addy:


Also, his website had been updated, I believe. And rumor has it that Matt has signed with a major label. Hmmm...

--love love--

Current Mood: calm
Thursday, September 21st, 2006
12:18 pm
Finally some news!
Dear M@ Pack Members,

Many of you have seen the cover and article on Justin Timberlake in the September 23, 2006, issue
of Rolling Stone which went on sale September 9th. For those who have not, I am listing the link
to their website and the article page mentioning Matt:

http://www.rollingstone.com/news/story/11514699/justin_timberlake_revs_up_his_sex_machine/3 .

Also listed are links to two (2) Memphis Commercial Appeal articles you might find interesting:



Although there has been very little correspondence from the M@ Pack during the past several
months, there has been a great deal of work going on behind the scenes with Matt's career as an artist.
Until a formal announcement is made, we will be unable to share any additional information, other
than what appeared in the Rolling Stone and Commercial Appeal articles. In the meantime, you
might enjoy listening to a song Matt and Justin co-wrote on Future Sex/Love Sounds titled "Another
Song" (All Over Again). There's also a new photo on Matt's site, www.mattmorris.net.

Matt has appreciated the words of encouragement in your e-mails and your continued interest in his
music. On his behalf, I would like to thank you for your loyalty and support.

Dottie Moore, Manager
Key Artist Management
Thursday, February 9th, 2006
1:51 am
From an email I received tonight from themattpack@mattmorris.net.

Dear M@ Pack Member,

While Matt was in New York recently, he had the honor of playing acoustic guitar on a remix of the song, "In The Sun", performed by artist Michael Stipe, featuring Chris Martin of Coldplay. The remix was done by JAW Breakers' Justin Timberlake and Will.I.Am.

The album is titled "In The Sun", and it is only available on iTunes. The cost is $4.95. As proceeds from the sale of this album benefit the survivors of Hurricane Katrina, this remix version is not available for individual downloads. If you would like to read more about the project, we are listing the link for your convenience: http://www.inthesun.org.

We hope you will consider purchasing this album for such a worthy cause.

The M@ Pack Staff
Thursday, November 3rd, 2005
12:51 pm
Matt news
an article about Matt writing with Justin.


Current Mood: anxious
Monday, October 24th, 2005
9:03 pm
Matt sighting
Hey folks. those of you in the nsync fandom have probably already seen these. But those of you who are not, there was a Recording Academy Honors event on Oct 23, 2005. ONe of the honorees was Justin Timberlake. Our Matt was there to help celebrate one of his friends.

Here are the pics with Matt in them.

Current Mood: jubilant
Saturday, October 1st, 2005
8:30 pm
anyone have any of the music matt's done with his father (ghetto bedroom... etc)?
Monday, September 26th, 2005
3:57 pm
Where in the World is Matt Morris?
dude is anybody else a little irked that there hasn't been any news, or even a website update lately? Grr..

I want some Matt news. Even if its just a "coming soon" update. *pouts*

Current Mood: distressed
Saturday, August 20th, 2005
3:48 pm
Anyone have any Matt icons?
Monday, August 15th, 2005
11:46 pm
Matt News!!!
From mtv.com

 Justin Timberlake is writing songs with his longtime friend/ Nashville songwriter Matt Morris. Morris, who co-wrote five songs on Christina Aguilera's Stripped, said that the two will hit the studio in the next couple of months, and that their creations run the gamut from R&B to Southern rock to pop music and could end up on either Timberlake or Morris' album at this point. "Writing with Justin is one of my favorite things," Morris said. "He's got incredible instincts, unmatched by anyone I've worked with." The two have written at least an album's worth of songs, about 15 to 20, he said, but since the subject matter is so personal, discussing them "should be reserved for close friends and therapists," he laughed. ...

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Tuesday, August 9th, 2005
2:09 pm
rumors rumors rumors
Official word:

Dear M@ Pack Members,

In case you've heard, MTV.com ran a story yesterday in their "News - For The Record" section
stating that Matt had filed suit against Christina Aguilera in Davidson County Court for nonpayment of
royalties relating to five songs he co-wrote on her CD "Stripped".

We wanted to let you know that this story is untrue, and it was removed immediately by MTV from
their website. Matt is not suing Christina!

The M@ Pack Staff

Current Mood: relieved
Monday, August 8th, 2005
5:25 pm
found in pacific_gravity's lj, from today's MTV.com For the Record column:

Christina Aguilera needs to pay up, according to songwriter Matt Morris, who filed a lawsuit against the pop star last week in Nashville's Davidson County Court, claiming he has yet to be paid in full for co-writing five songs on her Stripped album. Morris co-wrote "Underappreciated", "Can't Hold Us Down," "Walk Away," "Infatuation" and "Loving Me 4 Me."
Thursday, July 14th, 2005
8:59 pm
we all know how Revenge of the Sith ends, right?
Someone linked me to iharthdarth recently, and I thought y'all might enjoy this comic:

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